My Thoughts: Motivation, inspiration, and positivity

If you struggle daily on keeping up your productivity and motivation going at full speed throughout the day then you are not alone. I consistently scramble to find the little bit of motivation that is left at the end of my day to complete all of the tasks I had previously given myself. I am a huge procrastinator in everything, which is a characteristic that I desperately need to work on daily; however, I have come to the conclusion that small steps will transform into giants leaps.

Let’s talk about motivation…

When I wake up in the morning, the last thing I want to do is leave my ever so soft and warm blanket and hop out into the cold world of school/work. Eventually, when I make it out of that funk and I hop out of the shower, I will start the feel the surge of energy running through my body and just knowing that I will be enjoying some iced coffee makes the day seem so much brighter. My mid-mornings consist of plenty of motivation, but it is those afternoon hours that hit a prime time, nap time button for me.

Sometimes your lack of motivation might initiate due to you taking on an immense amount of workload. If that is the case then the first thing I will do is is take a small break. During this break, I might eat a snack and drink some ice cold water, something that might get my energy levels back up and running. I will also organize and try to maintain a clean workplace. For some people, this might the opposite route they want to take. Often times, procrastination looms within “break times.”

If I am at home, for some reason it is extra hard for me to maintain my productivity. I have attempted to study and do homework in my room, but it more than likely always ends up going down south. There are so many distractions in my room that studying in there is almost a for sure no-go. For one, my t.v is there playing funny reality shows and movies, second (and the main reason) my bed is there tempting me with its comfortable vibes. What’s stopping me from laying in bed with a blanket and watching youtube videos? Literally, nothing. So instead, I will get ready and head to the library or just take my school materials to work and do some homework on my downtime. So if you’ve been struggling lately, then maybe a change of scenery might do you better.

Let’s talk about Inspiration & Positivity.

Have you ever heard, “your vibe attracts your tribe”? This could not be more true. Spending valuable time with people who are not motivated or being productive can do some serious damage to your productivity. I’m not saying to hang out with boring people who do nothing but work all the time, but more like hang out with people who seem to have motivation in life and have goals and aspirations for their future and are also currently somehow working on them. You guys could be going to top-golf, out for some drinks, or a movie, but even just being with someone who has a more positive outlook on life and works hard for their accomplishments can lead to you adapting to some of those personality traits. For example, when I used to work at the library, everyone there was so hardworking and intelligent and I wanted that to rub off on me as well. I wanted to learn things and I asked so many questions because I literally felt like they knew everything about everything. It was great.

I have also found lately that reading postive blog post and articles really help lift my mood and motivation. I firmly believe that positivity does not just pop up out of nowhere to make your life all rainbows and sunshine, it is something you have to work on daily. Like I previously stated, small steps in the right direction are actually huge steps in my book. The hardest part is just getting started.


Me posing after a long day at work. The Autumn vibe was worth it.
My sweater is a “ballerina pink” tone creating a soft contrast against the rust orange leaves.
The man behind all of my pics. I love taking pics of him.
His sweatshirt is from Urban Outfitters. 

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