Disney World Reflections From a Disney Lover

I grew up with a Disney lifestyle and a romantic point of view. Disney has enlightened me since my first memories about the magic of friendships and love. One of my earliest recollections of Disney was watching The Little Mermaid in Spanish on a VHS tape. The quality was bad, but the enchantment was real. I Still prefer to watch The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast in the low quality format those tapes had to offer. They enrich my being with happy nostalgia.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend’s family invited me to a Disney World trip with them. A trip I had never given a thought about taken, simply because it seemed almost unattainable for the time being. Let me begin my Disney story by informing you (a possible future Disney World visitor) that you will be exhausted on your first day and maybe a little bit overwhelmed, but trust me, after your trip is over you will wish you could go back and enjoy it all over again.

Magic Kingdom

Perhaps, the most popular park and home of the majestic Cinderella Castle. This park is full of activities and nonstop parades. A splendor of Disney boutiques and memorabilia. It holds a never-ending assortment of food, yummy desserts, and refreshing drinks. I cannot begin to explain how much I walked this day. My boyfriend and I first initiated by walking around and exploring the park. He rode a few roller coasters with his brother, while I stayed safe and sound on the ground with his family. I stayed with his nephew and nieces, which made the trip have another level of fun. The food we had was expensive, but it was all worth it.

Throughout the day, my boyfriend and I did some exploring. We went into Adventureland and ventured into the Swiss Family Tree House, which I enjoyed a lot.

I hate roller coasters so I did not ride any. My boyfriend and his bother rode Space Mountain and my boyfriend and I went on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, which is a moving movie theater. It was pretty cool and lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Hollywood Studios

On our second day in Orlando, we visited Hollywood studios. It had a different dynamic compared to Magic Kingdom in that it had nowhere near as much people (at least it did not feel like it). There was a little less tension since the park seemed a bit smaller and less overwhelming. We were initially greeted by The March of The First Order, which was insanely amusing and one of my favorite highlights from this trip.

  My boyfriend’s nephew and I took a photo with Olaf, while my boyfriend and his brother went to go ride the Rock “n” Roller coaster. We also watched The Little Mermaid in theater, which my boyfriend and his brother made it just in time for. I loved the show since it had me reminiscing on the good old day when I sat on my couch watching the movie. Afterwards, my boyfriend and went into the Star Wars Launch Bay, which was full of star wars memorabilia and Storm Troopers ready to snap some photos with you.

We visited a few gift shops before we stopped by Dockside Diner and got some munchies. My boyfriend got some nachos and I ordered a barbecue sandwich. We got rained out while eating so we had to buffer for a bit until the rain subsided. Once the rain stopped we headed to Toy Story Land. Stephen and I got some iced lattes from Joffrey’s, which sat right outside Toy Story Land, to regain some lost energy. In this area, we rode the Alien Swirling Saucers, which at first kinda scared me, but towards the end I ended up liking them enough to want to ride again. My boyfriend’s nephew REALLY loved it.

It was getting darker and my boyfriend and I walked around and took some pics. We also went into a few gift shops and I bought some stuff to take back home to my family. Towards the end of the night, Stephen and his brother rode The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, while the rest of us gathered back towards a few more gift shops. Our Disney experience was amazing and I thought the bit of stress we might’ve felt was all worth it in the end. There’s so much to do, so many parks to explore, and magic to discover.

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