Holiday Series: “CHILL BABY” by Kylie Cosmetics: The eyeshadow palette every makeup lover needs for the holidays

This year, I decided to splurge a little on something cute and festive, so when I saw the new holiday collection from Kylie Cosmetics I knew it was the perfect way to start out this holiday season. I purchased the Chill Baby pressed powder palette, which is currently sold out on their website. I love eyeshadow palette’s and what I seemed to enjoy about this palette was the variety of vibrant shades it had. Kylie had free shipping around the time I bought it so I paid no shipping and received my palette in less than a week. I also purchased it a day before Thanksgiving and got it the following Monday, which I really appreciate that because I am a very impatient shopper. I was very impressed and ecstatic that I received it so soon. 

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I was crazy excited for this palette so I was very happy that when I received it, I was not disappointed. The packaging is so cute and the actual product is adorable. It definitely puts you in the wintery-holiday season vibe. 

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I love this palette for the obvious reason that it has gorgeous hues, but I feel like every shade seems to go well with my style. I love rosy pinks, dark violet colors, some golden sparkle, and then some pink and purple sparkle. There are matte shades for when I am feeling a little more put together and professional and also fun glittery hues that will add some sparkle to your look. 

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I have used this palette a few times now, and so far the colors seem to blend well. I will apply my eyeshadow in the morning and when I get home from work in the afternoon it is all still there in its place. 

Here are some looks I tried with the palette. 

Disclaimer: I am not a makeup guru and I prefer to not wear makeup most of the time, but when I do wear makeup I keep it very simply. I mainly wanted to play around with the palette and see what shades worked best with my skin tone and what colors I liked the most. So far, I feel like the purple tones look best on me when I take photos and I personally prefer the golden tone look in person the most. 

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