What 2018 Taught Me & Hello 2019!

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This year, like all of the other years, was about growth and experiences. 2018 really slipped through my fingers, given that it went by so fast from my perspective. I feel like just yesterday my boyfriend and I were preparing for our first Christmas together as a couple. Now fast forward and we are going into our 3rd Christmas of knowing each other and our 2nd Christmas of being together. 

I thank this year for letting me experience all that I have and teaching some life lessons the hard way. My boyfriend and I took so many trips and they were all amazing and so much fun. We did so much, from going to his hometown in Georgia, to the beach, then a music festival, and then Disney World, it has been nothing short of amazing, but within all of these encounters have come lessons that needed to accomplished .

Here are a few things that 2018 has taught me.

Understanding Business Classes:

 College is all about studying, confidence, and determination. I have realized that throughout the years it used to take my minimal effort to do well in a class. Lately, I have been taking business classes that have really challenged me to try harder and my usual “minimal” effort was not going to cut it. I realized that if I want to get my money’s worth I really needed to try harder, study longer, and be more confident in my learning skills. Now that the semester is over, I will be tackling online business classes next year which is both exciting and scary.

Learning The Art of Patience:

I need to be more patient. I have always been the most patient person in the world, until recently. I’m going to blame it on all of the coffee I have sipped on throughout the year. I need to be patient with my family, my boyfriend, friends, and co-workers. I have found that being impatient causes me to get moody at everybody and when I take time to understand the situation I avoid any feelings of remorse or annoyance

Knowledge Through Books:

This past year I read very little. Something that bothers me a lot, because I used to love to read, so this year I have decided to make it a resolution to actually read more books. I enjoy reading memoirs, essays, poems, historical fictions and non-fiction. Also, I want to write reviews on the books I read. I already have my first batch of books I want to read so the reviews should be coming soon!

No More Coffee, Please:

I actually struggled a bit more with my anxiety this year, more so than 2017, but my caffeine intake this year has also been tremendous. I have started to take all of my vitamins and stopped drinking coffee every day to only having coffee once a week. So far, it has been hard and I have actually been meaning to do this for a while but I just cannot stop drinking iced ltte’s. They’re my fave.

Save Now, Spend Later:

I have also learned to save money and not be a spend-a-holic. I am hoping that this new year I will learn to be even better at it. I love shopping though, so good luck to me.

2018 has really served as the year of learning. I hope that I can take what I have learned in 2018 to 2019 in order to make the new year even better than the last. Even as adults, we never stop learning and I also expect 2019 to have plenty more learning for me to accomplish.

Happy New Year!!

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