New Style: Winter Edition

The start of a new year is an adequate time to jump into not only new healthy habits and resolutions, but also to begin new beauty and styling ventures. It is different for everyone, some people might choose to switch up their hair style or color, maybe start a whole new beauty regimen, even change drastic health habits. I am still coming to terms with what healthy habits I want to change this year and I am also returning to my Pilates/yoga routines that were deeply missed during the holiday season. I have; however, realized a few new year changes to my style and so far I am loving them. I have brought some new favorites that I discovered towards the end of the year and some new things I have actually developed during the fresh new crisp month of January.


Comfy over sized sweaters + leggings: No, the limit does not exist when it refers to my love for this dynamic duo. The bigger the sweater and the softer the legging the better the day will be for me. This is my ultimate comfort mode and it makes me feel cute, because I can dress it up or down when needed.

Easy Slip-on/slide-on shoes: I love sneakers, but so far I have also found a love for my Boston Birkenstock’s and my Indigo Rd Ashley Sherpa Slipper boots. They are so COMFORTABLE and I think they look super cute and keep my feet cozy and warm all winter long.

Beanies: My beanie collection is never ending and the worst part is that I keep buying more. I even gave pretty much everyone a beanie for Christmas, because who doesn’t want to look stylish while freezing their butts off.

Soft pastel/Bubblegum Pink: Pretty much my favorite color. I was fortunate that my boyfriend and everyone else seems to know it because I got so many things this past Christmas that revolves around this color. It is a happy color and complements my dark features.

Cross-Body Minis: So I actually got a few of these for Christmas and that is when my love began with these purses. They’re so easy to carry around and I think they look so cute and chick. I am currently using Lucky Brand’s Lore Convertible Wallet.

Soft Jackets and Denim : I feel like soft Sherpa jackets do an amazing job at keeping me warm and there are so many ways to style them that it makes it that much fun to wear them. Denim jackets just have the special ability to make me feel like I have my life together and they help me dress up a casual outfit.


Pink/Brown tone eye shadow: This is a random color duo, but I love pinks on my eyelids and on more natural days I will tone it down with brown shades. I think the pink is fun and vibrant and the brown is chic and minimalist.

Bronzer: I love bronzer on me and a lot of time I will go a little overboard with it, but I love the way it looks in photos and it just makes my look more put together.

Blush Highlight: I have been using Becca BFFs x Khloe & Malika Bronze, Blush, & Glow Palette In Made with Love by Khloe, and I love the way looks on my cheekbones. A luster glow, with a hint of blush that brightens up my face and mood.

Nude Lips: I recently have been diving deep into the pits of nude lips. I have a few nude lips I bought on a whim to see how I well nude lips look on me and so far I have been really enjoying the results so I’ve ordered the new Yesss Girl | High Gloss and Kylie | Matte Lip Kit which is described as a soft dust nude.

I am so excited to be tweaking my style for the new year and I am sure it will change some more throughout the seasons, which makes it all seem like a fun adventure. I have love exploring new looks and styles and find which ones work the best with me.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow if you enjoyed and catch me on Insta and Pinterest where I like to channel all of my lifestyle inspirations.

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