Makeup Bag Tour: Current Makeup Essentials

Hello, happy Sunday! I have been working on this post for the past week and it has finally come together. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy this post just as much as I enjoyed making it!

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For years, I have had a love/hate relationship with makeup. One minute I tend to love it and the next I will forget about makeup and its glorious results. I go through phases where I love to experiment and try new products and grow my makeup collection even more.

Recently, I have been coming off of a makeup drought and slowly emerging back into a steady flow of a growing makeup addiction. I love the alluring feeling of opening a gorgeous well-made pallet for the first time and the moment of bliss when the product fulfills all of your expectations.

So today, I am sharing my newly found love for more makeup by taking you on a mini tour of my makeup bag.

Betsy Johnson makeup bag.
A semi-organized bag.

I recently got this bag for Christmas and I love it because it is so spacious and cute. I don’t have to worry about whether all of my makeup is going to fit in it or not. The way it is shaped also helps my makeup not to get too cluttered and messy.

Current foundations and concealer.

The amount of foundations I own is kind of scary and I have yet to find the perfect mixture that’ll actually match my skin perfectly, but as for right now, I use the Revlon colorstay in natural beige and the Maybelline Fit Me in nude beige. For concealer I like to use this classic, which not only helps my under eyes, but it also works as a good base for my eyeshadow.

Recent favs.

Eye shadow pallets are also one of my favorite makeup products to splurge on, but I decided to show you my two recent favorites that I use every time I wear makeup. The “Chill Baby” by Kylie Cosmetics has been essential over the holidays and the colors blend so well. The Lorac Pro, as you can tell has been thoroughly used. I love this palette for its abundant selection of neutral tones.

The essentials.
Inside my essentials.

For face powder, I use Laura Geller Baked Balance -n- Brighten. This Fenty highlighter has been my close companion for a while now and I still love it. I also use Becca Cosmetics Khloe X Malika palette that includes a bronzer, blush, highlight, and a mixture of blush and some highlight (my fav). On some days I will just use Benefit’s Dandelion blush when I want to be more subtle and natural and then I have been so in love with bronzing that I also use a Morphe bronzer for extra definition.

Okay, maybe I have a slight lipstick hoarding tendency.

It was so hard picking out my favorite lippies so I ended up with more than what I wanted to show. I transitioned from having an obsession with matte liquid lipsticks to lip glosses, but even then most of my lip glosses did not make the cut. I have a feeling that my obsession with matte shades has been ignited once more and I am here for it.

I got both of these from Target.

My og lip glosses. One of them is in a rosy shade and the other one is a light brown color. The main reason I love these glosses is that they’re also supposed to plump your lips and give you a tingling feeling when you initially where it.

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NYX is actually one of the first brands that introduced me to liquid lipsticks. I loved their matte lippies, but recently I have found two amazing products: they’re liquid Suede and Lingerie Glitter. Two of my favorites! The suede is so gorgeous and the glitter one is so dramatic and cute. They both last on my lips forever and never dry out my lips.

Kylie| Liquid Lipstick & Yesss Girl | High Gloss
New Kylie Cosmetic Releases
I just had too, I mean how cute is this??

I recently got these products in the mail and so far I am living for the liquid lipstick. I have worn it 3 days in a row and it always stays on my lips even after I eat. It does not dry out my lips, even when I’ve worn it for a while and think in my head that it must look dry and cracked already, it never does. I really love the quality and this being the first lipstick I buy from Kylie Cosmetics makes me feel confident in buying more latte lipsticks from them. The lip liner is a bit darker than the lipstick but has the perfect contrast. The lip gloss I have only worn once and it looked so pretty and thick on my lips. I have heard some good review of these high glosses so I am excited to try it out.

Last but not least.

I use The Falsie’s Pushup Drama mascara and Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara for the best eyelash plumping. For the brows, I brush them up with Maybelline’s Brow Precise and I use this oil-free matte mist so my face doesn’t look oily and gross. These are more simple products, but my makeup look would not be complete without them.

So that is it for my mini makeup bag tour. This isn’t my whole makeup collection, because that would be so overwhelming. These are all the products that currently reside in my makeup bag and the ones I use for my current makeup routine.

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