Why I chose Accounting/College life

It was sunny and beautiful day, you would’ve never thought that I was freezing my butt off.

Career Path? Accounting.

So how does a fashion enthusiast, travel loving, and aesthetic seeker choose to major in a business degree such as Accounting instead of heading off to design school or fashion school?

It all started with a little book called, “The Index Card: Why personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated.” I bought this book from Barnes and Noble the summer before the fall semester that I started my accounting hiatus. It was definitely not the type of genre I prefer, but I was broke at the time and felt like this book might give me a little inspiration. I read the book fairly quick since I had plenty of time at work and then decided that I would love to have some sort of career in finance. Primarily for the fact that I felt like I had so many financial questions about my future like how would I deal with loans? Do I want someone else to take care of my taxes? Will I stay permanently clueless about basic financial laws and policies?

My lasting paranoia also came with a great interest in the field and after researching everything there was about Accounting, I made an appointment with an advisor and just like that, my major changed. My desire to learn more about how the financial world operates drove me to find great amusement in the subject. Something that was very unexpected, because up until now I had never shown much interest on the topic.

I started the new fall semester fresh and renewed and excited about college. Something I had lost with my previous choice of career: early childhood education. I took my first two accounting classes within that year and needless to say that out of all of the business classes I have taken and currently am taken, those two were the ones that made the most sense to me. I felt like my teacher was really good at making things stick throughout the semester. She came up with real-life examples and situations to every problem, so that when you arrived at the solution everything made sense. She was tough sometimes and even got really upset at us when she realized that the progress she had done in teaching a certain lesson was not reflecting on us, but after that episode, something clicked and after that, the whole class took some initiative to better ourselves throughout the semester.

My planner for my first semester as an accounting major.

College Classes

I am currently taking predominately online classes and for the most part, they are all business related. I found that college classes hold the simplicity that high school classes do not, which is to be expected. This, however, does not mean that college classes are easier to process. Sure, a lecture class seems low maintenance. You show up, take good notes, then leave. It is the fact that no one is holding your hand while you learn everything that makes it more complicated. In high school (at least in my high school), my teachers walked through lessons so that everyone learned the topic at the same speed. Sometimes that meant that they taught the lesson too slow for some, but yet too fast for others.

In college, there are other ways to find extra help after class if you need it, but the lectures throughout the semester will continue whether you were left behind or not. I personally, love college classes because from the beginning it has given me a taste of being more independent. Teachers don’t pester you in the middle of class, they’re actually pretty relatable, and they provide you with other learning tools you can take if lectures are not cutting it for you. It is up to each student to either take the extra help or not. I have made the mistake of not taken it when needed and trust me, it is always worth taking especially if you struggle in a particular class.

For me, it seems like people in college have a tendency to stay in there lane. Everyone is just trying to chase that degree and it is understood within everyone.

I am halfway through with school. I will be transferring (hopefully) in the fall to finish off my last two years of college and I am so excited! Looking forward to my next challenge is a huge motivational factor for me.

Are you guys in college? What are you majoring in? Comment down below, I would love to know!

Smiling through the cold weather and my sinus/cold symptoms.

Disclaimer: This was in no way attempting to persuade anyone to attend college. I understand that college is not for everyone and I do not judge anyone who doesn’t feel passionate about the same things I do. College does not make you smarter than those who do not attend it. Some of the smartest people I know never went to college! Life is what you make it. Don’t live according to what others think is better, do what you want to do for you and only you.

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