Colourpop Mystery Bag Contents

Opening my bag

This past week I received my mystery makeup bag from Colourpop cosmetics. As every makeup lover is aware, Colourpop is a popular and inexpensive makeup brand, well known for its fun designs and pop of color.

I have actually never purchased makeup from them in the past, but I have always marveled at their affordable and creative lines. Due to their substantial product line, I felt overwhelmed on what exactly to order so I felt like the mystery bag would be a better idea.

Colourpop promoted their mystery bags for $25, but with $55 worth of products and a new reveal release product.

New Release Product: BFF Volumizing Mascara

Okay so I naturally have long eyelashes so I feel like every mascara I use is amazing, but so far this mascara has done its job. I judge my mascaras based on how well defined my eyelashes look in pictures and this product so far looks marvelous. It has easily turned into a staple product in my makeup bag.

Mascara in Packaging.
These mascaras come in different shades as well!!
Wearing the BFF Volumizing Mascara

Lip Products: Ultra Blotted Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, Lippie Stix, Lux Lipstick

Lip Products in packaging.
Lux Lipstick in packaging.

Ultra Blotted Lip- applied like a liquid lipstick. The rosy shade is gorgeous, but I have been really into nude colors lately, so I haven’t used it nor am I dying to use it.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Champagne Mami- I am into glosses and this one is amazing. It has a beautiful tint to it and it lasts so long on my lips.

Lippie Stix (Ziggie matte x)- this was one of my favorite products because I had never heard of these lip products before and when I applied it on my lips it went on so smooth and the color was show-stopping. Again, this product is far from a nude tone, but the shade is so gorgeous that I will be looking into purchasing a Lippie Stix in a more nude shade.

Lux Lipstick in Velvet Blur- is a fabulous lip color that I won’t be using often because it is so dramatic, but I have always loved red lips and the confidence that comes with it, so I am looking forward to pairing this product with a dramatic look for a special event in the future.

Product Shades.
Very cute and detailed lipstick.

Blush and Eyeshadow Products: Super Shock Shadows, Pressed Shadows, and Super Shock Cheek

Super Shock shadow and blush in packaging.
More packaging.

Super Shock Cheek in Mr. Wind- is a soft pink with lots of shimmers and I have been using this a lot lately because it is a subtle shade on my cheeks that acts as an undercover highlighter as well.

Super Shock Shadow in Sequin & in Party Of Five- I have not used these eyeshadows, but they looked flawless when I swatched them. They were very bright and shimmery.

Pressed Powder Shadow in Snake Eyes- an essential brown shadow shade that also made for a good swatch.

Ultra soft powders!
The pressed powder packaging and shade.

These were all the products included in the Mystery Bag I received. Overall, I was pleased with my first Colourpop purchase and several of these products have left me wanting to try more from their makeup line.

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One thought on “Colourpop Mystery Bag Contents

  1. OMG this looks incredible – I can’t believe they included the new BFF mascara in the mystery bag. I’m having serious regrets for not picking up one of these – but know I know for the future to grab one of these when they’re selling them!! Your lashes look incredible btw.


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