Disney World Reflections From a Disney Lover

I grew up with a Disney lifestyle and a romantic point of view. Disney has enlightened me since my first memories about the magic of friendships and love. One of my earliest recollections of Disney was watching The Little Mermaid in Spanish on a VHS tape. The quality was bad, but the enchantment was real. … Continue reading Disney World Reflections From a Disney Lover

Festival Vibes: Music Midtown 2018

Music festivals. They are vibrant, vivid, daring, and adventures. They ignite the same adrenaline that promotes the calmness from listening to your favorite bands and vibing with so many people all at once. Music festivals are a pleasant way to enhance a musical experience and broadcast a creative way to enhance your features and display … Continue reading Festival Vibes: Music Midtown 2018

Beach Trip: Orange Beach, AL

After two long, grueling semesters jam-packed with assignments and research papers from school that seem to never end, comes the calm after the storm. The sunshine at the end of the tunnel that can only be sure signs that summer has arrived. This summer, my boyfriend’s parents took us to the beach for a fun … Continue reading Beach Trip: Orange Beach, AL