Beach Trip: Orange Beach, AL


After two long, grueling semesters jam packed with assignments and research papers from school that seem to never end, comes the calm after the storm. The sunshine at the end of the tunnel that can only be sure signs that summer has arrived.

This summer, my boyfriend’s parents took us to the beach for a fun filled weekend full of relaxation and peaceful ambiance that only the ocean waves can offer.

We arrived at the beach on a Friday afternoon ready for some good beach food and some entertainment for my boyfriend’s little nieces, so what better place to spend the afternoon than at Lulu’s. It’s a fun interactive park full of games and mazes for children to play and for parents to enjoy the dining and experience. I ordered my usual “new restaurant order” of buffalo chicken tenders with fries and coleslaw and it was amazing. It was definitely not your usual Zaxbys meal, their chicken was so tender and flavorful and also very filling. Lulu’s also had an enjoyable gift shop full of fun beach knickknacks and beach toys to entertain children of all ages.

Photo booth pic from Lulu’s.

Our second day was a beach day full of tanning and small adventures. My boyfriend and I decided to climb some rocks and that was the moment I came to the realization that running around on rocks is not a talent I hold, since I struggled immensely to not slip out and get swept away by the ocean current. Fortunately, my boyfriend, like everything he does, was adept at maneuvering his way around, all while keeping me safe and taking some awesome photos!

Running around on steaming hot rocks was worth it all.

For dinner on our second night at the beach, we ate at The Intercostal, a restaurant located at The wharf. We first shopped around a few boutiques and walked around for a while until we landed at our next food venture. I ordered fried shrimp, hush puppies, fries, and coleslaw. My shrimp was amazing, the fries were good, the coleslaw was delectable, but the hush puppies not so much. I am a hush puppy lover so I was a bit disappointed in the fact that the hush puppies were not up to par; however, I LOVED the shrimp, so I honestly paid no mine to the hush puppies.

Yeah, Ferris wheels are not my thing, but he’s cute.

The next day, Sunday, was a beach day as well. It also happened to be our last day so we tried to make the most out of everything. We had a beach-filled day and did some more adventuring out into the rocks until we got nice and toasty from the blazing sun. Our next adventure was Adventure Island, an arcade full of activities for all ages, include go karts, mini golfing and all types of arcade games. I genuinely enjoyed this place and I’m someone who hates these types of things, because I’m usually super bad at these activities, but the exotic decor made it all seem so much more interesting. Our mini golf experience was accompanied by all kinds of waterfalls and a fake volcano right in the middle of the trail. Definitely a place I’ll recommend for some fun at the beach that’s not on the beach.

kickin’ butt in mini golf.

I love going to the beach and I’m currently still going through a beach depression, which I suffer whenever I have to come home after being at one of the most relaxing places on earth. I guess you could say I’m also planning on my next beach trip, because I can never get enough. I know for a fact that my soul was meant to be free spirited, sprinting on sandy beaches or laying out on a balcony staring at the beautiful view, receiving the ocean breeze and listening the waves as they hit the soft crushed sand.

Our view from the condo.



My view from our very tiresome, yet rewarding beach walk.

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